Safe Skies Australia® prides itself on distributing innovative, useful and top design travel related products. Since our 2008 Australian release of the largest range of Safe Skies® TSA and HMRC luggage locks we have continued to introduce new products that combat the bland product choice and impersonal service that our customers were experiencing. Safe Skies has evolved, designing and releasing a range of Safe Skies travel accessories as well as distributing a highly selective range of products sourced from quality overseas manufactures. One thing has not changed since the early days, every customer is treated with the utmost care and unparalleled service.

At Safe Skies® we offer travel products that focus on reliability as well as style. We take pride in our products reliability, originality, functionality, super-smart designs and our customer commitment.

Enjoy the Journey!



SuitSuit Covers

The SuitSuit cover turns a basic suitcase into a fashionable and trendy travel accessory.
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SuitSuit Cases

The SuitSuit cases are strong, durable, and a fashionable and trendy travel accessory.
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Safe Skies TSA Locks

These travel locks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
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